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An Queercal Comhrá (tuairisc as Gaeilge)
Nov 24th 2018

Reporting on a new LGBTI Irish language conversation circle in Dublin
(report is in the Irish language)
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Macedonia gets a new name
June 24, 2018

Under Greek pressure, Macedonia changes its name and opens a path to join the EU

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North Koreans await the Kim-Trump summit with trepidation
June 3, 2018

Long seen as adversaries, the leaders of North Korea and the US are meeting this week in Singapore. North Koreans look on with excitement and caution
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Despite being at the centre of Northern Ireland's political crisis; on the ground, the Irish language is flourishing
Nov 25, 2017

The Irish language sees a renaissance in Northern Ireland despite political debate over the issue.

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Gerry Adams announces his stepping down as leader of Sinn Fein
Nov 23, 2017

Adams' departure signals not only a major moment of change for Sinn Fein but also for the political landscape both in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.
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Rohingyas in southern Bangladesh see an opportunity in crisis
Nov 19, 2917

With about half of the global Rohingya population now in camps dotted around southern Bangladesh, the crisis facing this people contains one distinct opportunity: to establish it long-repressed language as the official tongue of its people...

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Ireland's youngest PM is under tough criticism
Sept 13, 2017

Three months after a warm welcome into power, patience is running thin with Ireland's new PM
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Belgian Pedestrianisation: A Tale of Two Cities
May 20, 2017

Pedestrianisation is a tricky business, not least in Belgium...

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In Northern Ireland, Brexit triggers calls for a reunification of Ireland
April 1, 2017

Will Brexit push Northern Ireland, which voted to stay in the EU, to move towards reuniting with EU-member the Republic of Ireland?
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Crossmaglen: Portrait of a border village under Brexit
March 29, 2017

Farmers in Northern Ireland know Brexit will be bad for them — they just don't know how bad...

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Back to college: rebuilding in exile before rebuilding Syria
Jan 1, 2017

In 2017, Sami Rahma plans to go back to school in his adopted home of The Netherlands so that one day he can go home to Syria and rebuild it
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Tunisian women learning to be more effective politicians
Oct 22, 2016

Laws grant them equality, but Tunisian women face pay and power discrimination. Don Duncan on how they're trying to change that.

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Housing crisis leading to innovative ideas in Dublin
Dec 12, 2016

Ireland is desperately short of housing and there isn't any sign that the situation will change anytime soon. But crises often spawn innovations and one Irish architect is trying to pave the way for new solutions.
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Would a World War I musical from Belgium play well on Broadway? The producers hope so
June 23, 2014

These days, you can see signs of the anniversary all over Belgium — World War I-themed beer, T-shirts, replica uniforms. There’s even a Flemish-language musical extravaganza set during the Great War.

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World War I, The Musical
June 16, 2014

A Flemish musical about the Great War is a domestic success, but will it manage to export?
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Flanders prepares for a World War I army — of tourists
Jan 13, 2014

One hundred years ago, West Flanders was one of the most militarized zones on Earth. Now, with the centenary of the war commencing, the region is readying itself to reap the benefits of a projected army of tourists.

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Flanders prepares for WW1 centenary
Dec 22, 2013

With a growth in tourist numbers of 50% projected over the centenary years, businesses in Flanders are poised to make the most of the boon.
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This Ethiopian village has gained wealth, but has bred hostility
Dec 12, 2013

In northern Ethiopia people mostly get by as subsistence farmers. The government and international organizations have tried and failed for years to improve the well-being of locals. But then, one village went and did it all on its own.

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Santa’s Little Helpers Spark Race Debate in the Low Countries
Dec 1, 2013

In Belgium and the Netherlands, the latest race debate shaking up politics and the press is coming from an unlikely suspect: Santa’s Little Helpers.
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Christian Syrians choose Lebanon as refuge
June 23, 2013

With a higher Christian population than neighbouring states, Lebanon is becoming their refuge of choice.

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A Call for English Only at the European Union
May 21, 2013

You might wonder then, when most if not all EU bureaucrats master English, what’s the point in maintaining 23 official languages, especially at such expense?
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Imigration debate in Belgium triggered by annual Christmas Tree
Dec 9, 2012

Belgium's latest internal battle has come from a most unlikely source - the choice of the annual Christmas tree in Brussels' main square.

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Belgium Regenerates its Stagnant Comic Book Industry
Sept 8, 2012

In recent years, Belgium has lost ground to other countries in its comic strip output. But now, it is fighting back...
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Increased violence at home sends more injured Syrians to Lebanon
July 30, 2012

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Injured Syrians flee to Lebanon for Medical Care
June 3, 2012

The ongoing violence in Syria is proving an economic boon for cross-border smuggler. this time their cargo is the wounded.
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An ethical clothing pioneer in Beirut
April 28, 2012

Profile of Layla Totah, and Englishwoman in Beirut who has built a business around ethical consumerism

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Wounded Syrians seek help in Lebanon
April 3, 2012

The United Nations says the year-long Syrian uprising has cost almost twelve thousand lives so far. But what of the many more injured by the conflict?
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Libya struggling to gain control of thousands of illegal guns
Dec 9, 2011

In the aftermath of the overthrow of Moammar Gaddafi, Libya is trying to get guns and heavy weaponry off the streets. So far, it hasn't proved easy.

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Giving Up the Gun in Libya
November 13, 2011

Libya's NTC wants to disarm the population it armed to topple Ghaddafi. But not everyone is ready to give up the gun.
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Education in Libya After Gaddafi
Nov. 11, 2011

From primary to university level, Libya’s national curriculum is now being cleansed of Gaddafi’s far-reaching influence.

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Women’s Rights in Tunisia Elections
October 21, 2011

Since the Ben Ali regime was toppled in January, fortunes for women and Islamists in Tunisia appear to be changing.
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Democratic elections in Tunisia
October 19, 2011

In a country with no tradition of democracy, thousands of NGOs are working together to ensure a fair democratic election.

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How an Afghan Methadone Clinic is Fighting to Counter HIV
June 8, 2011

HIV is spreading among Afghanistan’s injection drug users, and a methadone clinic was recently opened in Kabul to help the problem.
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Curbing drug-related HIV infections in Kabul
May 25, 2011

Afghanistan is waging a new tenacious battle against drug addiction. But as Don Duncan now reports, one epidemic, in heroin addiction, has led to another, in HIV, and the war-torn country is struggling to contain both.

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Why Tunisians Worry about the Future
May 14, 2011

The “Arab Spring” kicked off in Tunisia with the overthrow of strongman Ben Ali. But many worry about what’s next; there’s fear that either Ben Ali supporters might hijack the fledgling democracy. Don Duncan reports from Tunis.
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Civil Unrest in Jordan
March 31, 2011

Civil unrest sends another Arab King scrambling. His daddy was a survivor. Is King Abdullah his father's son?

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Uprising in Syria
March 27, 2011

Analysts said Syria would never see an uprising the kinds of which happened in Egypt and Tunisia, but Syrian youth have sparked a growing protest to President Bachar al-Assad's regime.
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Widening gap between rich and poor sparks protest in Jordan
March 23, 2011

Protests in Jordan are, in large part, over the country's ailing economy, and specifically the growing gap there between rich and poor. Don Duncan sent us this report from Amman.

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Protests in Jordan involve demographic split
February 16, 2011

In Jordan, another key US ally on the border with Israel, protests are, in large part, about the country's competing public and private sectors. Don Duncan has more from Amman.
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Keeping the Lights on in Lebanon
Jan 22, 2011

A rush for natural gas is kicking off in the eastern Mediterranean. Recently, Israel discovered an enormous natural gas field. Lebanon believes it may also have significant natural gas reserves off its coast and it has a very compelling reason to kick-start exploration.

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Lebanon's traffic problems could be tackled by installing effective public transport systems
Jan 13, 2011

With extensive rail networks and tramways, Lebanon used to be at the cutting edge of public transportation in the Middle East in the first half of the 20th century. But then came the lorry and car.
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Kabul's Kite Runners
Dec. 18, 2010

Most images coming out of Afghanistan are war-related. But as Don Duncan reports from Kabul, the kite games offer a chance for everyone, no matter how poor, to have some fun for a few hours each evening.

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Kite Running in Kabul
Nov. 4, 2010

For decades, the pictures coming out of Afghanistan have been dominated by war, corruption and carnage. But there's a more colorful picture to be found there - kites. Kite running isn't just the stuff of fiction – it's a staple of the Afghan evening sky.

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Iranian president's visit to Lebanon, amid Israeli and US discontent
Oct 17, 2010

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Conflict in the Catacombs
Sept 30, 2010

Hard-core crypt crawlers take exception to the teen tomb tourists partying in their playground under Paris.
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Afghanistan goes to the polls amid accusations of fraud
September 23, 2010

Some people say it was the most crucial day of a most crucial year. Don Duncan reports from Kabul.

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Paris’ secret catacombs
July 13, 2010

Paris may be the most visited city in the world but there are parts of it few have ever seen – underground. “The Catacombs” began as vast underground limestone quarries. Today they are the playground of the bold and the brave. Don Duncan brings us below the surface of the City of Light.
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Palestinian Rap
July 10, 2010

The new music trend among young Palestinians is hip-hop. Palestinians have been scattered across the Middle East for more than six decades, and hip-hop music provides a venue for expressing commonalities as well as differences.

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Bloody Sunday Report Published
June 15, 2010

In Britain, there's a report out on the investigation of the 1972 Bloody Sunday shootings in Northern Ireland Catholic demonstrators dead. Don Duncan has more from Belfast.
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Hezbollah opens museum
July 4, 2010

Don Duncan reports that after two years of construction, Hezbollah opened its first museum late last month in Lebanon

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Accidental Filmmakers
April 22, 2010

Some Palestinians are seizing on video technology, hoping to make it their new weapon in the struggle with Israel.

And it's given rise to a fledgling industry that may be growing some serious filmmakers, as we hear from Irish journalist Don Duncan in the Palestinian village of Ni'lin.
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Lebanon marches for secularism
April 25, 2010

Thousands are marching through the streets of Beirut today. It is Lebanon's first march demanding an end to sectarianism in the country. Don Duncan has more from Beirut.

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Israel plans new settlements in east Jerusalem
March 14, 2010

Don Duncan reports the international community regards east Jerusalem and the West Bank as occupied territory, but this has not stopped Israel from building settlements
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Tensions Rise Between Lebanon and Israel
January 31, 2010

Don Duncan reports on growing tensions between Lebanon and Israel along the "Blue Line."

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More details emerge from crash of Flight 409 off Lebanese coast
Jan 26, 2010

More details are emerging following the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines flight shortly after take off from Beirut yesterday morning, carrying 90 people. Today, Lebanese officials said the crash could be due to the airplane's pilots' failure to follow orders from the control tower. Don Duncan has more from Beirut.
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Small hotels flourish in Damascus
December 28, 2009

Small hotels flourish in Damascus : The "Old City" of Damascus, Syria, was once a run-down slum. Now foreign tourists are flocking to the ancient, walled quarter with its historic buildings. And their business has prompted a boom in boutique hotels. Don Duncan reports.

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Lebanon set to witness surge in HIV infection rate
December 3, 2009

When it comes to tracking and monitoring the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, some say the Middle East is at once the least worrying and the most mystifying area. It has the lowest reported infection rates in the world: most countries there have an infection rate of below 1 percent of the population.

Deutsche Welle takes a look at how Lebanon is moving away from the larger Middle East model, as the country's once underground gay community is gaining strength and voice.
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Turning disability into ability
October 21, 2009

Landmines and cluster bombs are especially insidious weapons. One region particularly afflicted by these is southern Lebanon. In the hills and mountains there, teams of de-miners struggle to find and disarm landmines while down in the city of Saida, the world's first football team made up of landmine survivors meets weekly to kick ball.

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Lebanon's Identity Crisis: The Musical [mini-doc]
September 17, 2009

Beirut's alternative music scene has abandoned English and French, reclaiming Arabic in the past few years. Now some are trying to bring the trend global and it's not going down well with everyone in Beirut...

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Women not well represented in Lebanese Politics
September 17, 2009

It’s been over three months since Lebanon held its elections and the politically divided country is is still struggling to name a cabinet that meets with consensus from all political camps. [4'23]

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Pink Taxis are making Beirut safer for women
July 9, 2009

[4'15] Transport in Beirut is a challenge. Traffic is heavy and options few. But if you're a woman it can be even harder.
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Women-only taxi service for Beirut
August 15, 2009

[3'51] Don Duncan reports the taxi service started three months ago and has now doubled its fleet of pink cars.

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Women-only businesses thrive in Beirut
Aug 5, 2009

[3'42] At the end of Lebanon's civil war, a series of laws was introduced to improve prospects for female entrepreneurs. Lebanese women have been playing catch-up to their male counterparts ever since. Now there is an emerging sector of services by women, for women. Don Duncan reports.
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Discontent Growing Among Nepalese Minority In Bhutan
Feb 8, 2009

[6'54] Last year, Bhutan successfully transitioned to democracy but not all people living in Bhutan are happy with the way things are going. There is growing unrest among ethnic Nepalese living in Bhutan which could turn violent soon.

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More Violence in Northern Ireland
March 10, 2009

[1'15] Police in Northern Ireland arrested two men today in connection with last night's killing of a police office. Don Duncan has more from Dublin.
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My Morning Commute: Busker
January 30, 2009

[2'00] Like many city workers, a street busker may be able to drive to the job. But factor in an ever-changing final destination, an amp and a dog, and you've got quite a shlep. We follow a busker in Ireland on his way to work

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Refugees From Bhutan Radicalise
Jan 26, 2009

[4'14] The small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan became the world's newest democracy last year. But now, a dark aspect of the country's recent past is coming back to haunt it and it has produced what may be the country's first security threat since making the transition.
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Democracy and Discontent in Bhutan
Dec 9, 2008

[5'15] The tiny Himalayan nation has a lot to celebrate this year: Bhutan successfully transitioned to Democracy in March, its monarchy is celebrating a centenary, and a fresh-faced, charismatic new king ascended to the throne last month promising a new era of democracy and equity throughout the country. But with the emergence of democracy in Bhutan, cracks of discontent are beginning to show in the walls of this little-known Shangri-La.

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Lebanon's Palestinians set market value
April 11th, 2008

An estimated 300,000 Palestinians have found their way to Lebanon, where they make up 10% of the population. Many have trouble finding jobs and buying property, so they're left to find economic advantages where they can. Don Duncan reports.
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Six UN troops die in Lebanon attack
June 26, 2007

Don Duncan reports from Lebanon, where Irish troops were among the first on the scene of a deadly roadside bomb attack on UNIFIL troops near the Israeli border last week

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Obama's campaign gathers momentum, much online

A feature for the Breakfast Show on how Obama's campaign has fron on the internet generation.
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UNIFIL Adjustments After Attacks in Southern Lebanon
July 17, 2007

In a new report, Israel's Comptroller blamed the government and army for failing to protect civilians during the 2006 war with Lebanon. Meanwhile, last month's killing of six Spanish soldiers in southern Lebanon is changing the dynamics of the UNIFIL peacekeeping force. Don Duncan reports.

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Refugees suffer as Mid-East fighting continues
August 9, 2007

Don Duncan reports on the misery endured by Palestinian refugees in camps in Lebanon
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Ahmadinejad's New York visit raises heckles
September 25, 2007

For RTE news (Ireland)
Don Duncan reports from New York on the Iranian President's appearance in Columbia University

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Irish Shopping explodes in New York
December 20, 2007

Irish tourism to the U.S. is thriving, thanks to a weak dollar and Ireland's fast-growing economy. Don Duncan reports from New York City, where many of the 300,000 Irish have come around the holidays for just one thing.
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Safety first for Irish soldiers in south Lebanon
July 24, 2007

Don Duncan speaks to UN soldiers at the Finn-Irish camp deployed to mediate between Hezbollah and Israel

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Lebanon still trying to tackle massive oil leak
August 20, 2007

Don Duncan reports that last year's spillage is one of many ecological problems still facing Lebanon
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Undocumented Irish in the US march on DC
February 2007

Package for Newstalk radio, Ireland

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Former Hostage Brian Kenan Returns to Beirut for the First Time
August 13, 2007

Don Duncan reports that Brian Keenan is putting the last of his demons to rest in Lebanon
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Ireland's oppostion leader fundraises in New York
April 2007

Feature on Irish politicking in Brooklyn

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Ferris wheel a symbol of comfort for Beirut
August 28, 2007

Don Duncan reports that the ferris wheel on the seafront has become an unlikely source of comfort for the people of the city
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The Pirate Queen Opens on Broadway
April 7 2007

Package on the musical for the Breakfast Show on Newstalk

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Lebanon emerging from the ruins
July 21, 2007

Don Duncan reports from Beirut on the indications of an improving economy in the conflict-torn country