Experienced media, communications and journalism lecturer and trainer with university teaching awards and consistently high student evaluation scores. Practice and theory-based research with peer-reviewed publications and inter-disciplinary research collaborations. Demonstrated track record of grant capture and research dissemination/impact. Experience creating, managing, and leading teams. 15+ years as a professional consultant in the field of Global Media. 20+ years of experience in as a professional journalist.
My teaching is rooted in the best practice of today but responds to the needs of tomorrow. My teaching approach remains continually aware of evolutions in the field and the attendant, evolving ethical considerations. I blend new and emerging technology with traditional methods of instruction to shape nimble, competitive, creative practitioners for the future. 
My research centres around areas of innovation or potential innovation, such as creative media, animation, immersive techniques and how these can be used to help with understand and address current challenges such as climate change, marginalisation, and social injustice. I’m also interested in voice and vocal power in media outputs; media and accessibility (minority communities, language communities, neurodiversity); as well as language and the media, with a particular interest in the Irish language. 
I also have an ongoing interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), particularly concerning teaching methodologies relating to practice learning and group practice work. My research is both practice-based and theory-based. 
SKILLS & ABILITIES Video editing software (Final Cut Pro, Premiere and Avid); audio editing software (ProTools, Audition, Reaper, Audacity); ‘MoJo’ shooting and editing softwares; photo editing software; as well as various podcasting publishing platforms

Languages: fluent French; proficient Irish; intermediate Portuguese; and intermediate Arabic


Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
08/2018 – Present

Lecturer of Journalism and Documentary

•                Created, developed and implemented a full journalism syllabus at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels
•                Applied a social media sensibility and “multimedia mindset” to the core of all journalism and documentary modules in the subject area
•                Teach practice modules, strongly underpinned by critical theory
•                Have written and taught five modules from scratch (including social media journalism and podcasting modules) all of which incorporate online editorial strategy, UGC, verification, SEO and analytics
•                Average personal teaching score (voted by students at the end of every module each semester) is: 4.65 out of 5
•                Supervise research and practice projects at BA and MA levels
•                Help evolve the curricula at BA and MA levels with a special focus on digital first and social media journalism
•                Work closely with universities abroad with more established journalism programmes (GB, RoI, US and South Africa) to identify partnership opportunities and benchmark our teaching practice
•                Work closely with local, national (UK, RoI) and international media companies to secure work experience, training and employment opportunities for our students and graduates
•                Sit on selection and hiring panels for new staff members
•                Undertake external consultancies, routed through the university
•                Specialisations: multimedia and online/social media journalism (breaking news, features); verification; audio documentary and podcasting; mobile journalism (‘MoJo’); SEO, UGC and ethics
•                Committee Membership: School Research Ethics Committee; Faculty Digital Learning Team; Queen’s Gender Initiative; Queen’s Centre for Documentary Research; Faculty’s “New Methods for New Media” working group; School’s work placement steering group
Thomson Reuters Foundation, London (UK)
01/2020 – Present
Media Consultant, Trainer and Online Mentor
•                Work on a wide range of contracts pertaining to specific training modules; syllabi drafting; programme design; and project management in countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe
BBC Media Action, London (UK)
09/2014 – Present
Media Consultant, Trainer and Project Manager
•                Work on a wide range of contracts pertaining to specific training modules; syllabi drafting; programme design; and project management in countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe
 •               Specialties include: mobile journalism (‘MoJo’); emergency response (natural disaster, conflict, post-conflict, public health crises/epidemics); media training in multimedia, radio and TV; interviewing skills; and news writing
•                Deployments include: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Ethiopia, Gambia, North Macedonia, Mali, Myanmar, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia and Zambia
Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), London (UK)
10/2010 – 11/2012
Journalism Trainer
•                Delivered a series of courses aimed at enabling journalists in Mauritania to cover the political sphere more robustly
•                Designed and delivered a series of trainings to eight newsrooms across Tunisia within weeks of the fall of former president Ben Ali in early 2011. Trainings focused on creating stories via multiple platforms
•                Designed and delivered a comprehensive syllabus on multimedia reporting for Syrian journalists working undercover in pre-war Syria

Global English, Hong Kong
06/2002 – 09/2002
SILC International, Poitou-Charentes (France)
02/2002 – 04/2002
English Summer SA, Tarragona (Spain)
06/2001 – 09/2001
English Teacher to Chinese, French and Spanish adolescents, respectively
Choson Exchange (Singapore) & Pyongyang (North Korea)
05/2018 – 06/2018
Business Communications Trainer
•                Provided training on various aspects of business communication to people starting communally owned businesses in Pyongyang, North Korea. Choson Exchange is a Singapore-based NGO that works to build business skills in North Korea
Daniel Pearl Reporting Project, New York (USA)
01/2007 – 07/2008
Syllabus Writer/Tutor
•                Helped build a multimedia syllabus for online use by secondary school students around the world. Also served as a tutor on the project

Freelance Reporter and Producer (all platforms incl. social media/digital formats)
Island of ireland, Middle east, Europe, Asia and Africa
06/2002 – Present
•                File print, video and radio coverage of breaking news and political, economic, cultural, and development features from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Currently focused on the island of Ireland
•                File social media and online content, including SEO-effective articles and online “embed” texts in which my video and audio work is couched
•                Specialise as a one-man-band multimedia reporter and as a member of a crew
•                Report in the Irish language in addition to English-language reporting
•                Was Based in Beirut, Lebanon from 2009 to 2012 as a freelance foreign correspondent. Regional coverage included: the Egyptian, Libyan and Tunisian revolutions and the uprising and war in Syria. Extensive use of UGC and associated verification strategies during the Syrian uprising and war, from early 2011 onward
Editorial clients: Agence France Presse (AFPTV), BBC, CBC, The Christian Science Monitor, The Guardian, The Irish Times, Le Monde Diplomatique, The LA Times, National Geographic, The New York Times, NPR, PBS, RTÉ, TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and others
Documentary Maker (audio, video and mixed-media formats)
Island of ireland, Middle east, Europe, Asia and Africa
05/2009 – Present
• 2019:               “All That Is Solid Melts Into Air”; a mixed-media experimental documentary using pre-recorded sound; live, performed spoken word; and stage work, exploring childhood and social change in modern Ireland. Performed at HearSay International Audio Art Festival and Symposium (Limerick, Ireland) and at Liú Lúnasa Arts Festival (Belfast)
• 2012:               “Democracy Derailed: Egypt’s Unraveled Revolution”; produced this video documentary for The Wall Street Journal
• 2008:              “A Journey Home: Afghanistan Through the Eyes of a Returning Refugee”, produced this documentary for The New York Times and the television section of the AFP
• 2008:              “A Refuge in Ruins: Returning to Nahr al Bared”; produced this radio documentary on the politics of reconstruction surrounding a Palestinian refugee camp destroyed in a conflict with the Lebanese state
• 2007:              “To Stay or To Go”; produced this three-part radio documentary on the plight of undocumented Irish people in America. Broadcast on Newstalk radio (Ireland)
Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Editor
05/2006 – Present
•                             Wrote, directed, produced & edited three short films, shot respectively in Brussels (“Un Signe, Un Geste”, 2012), Beirut (2011) and Paris (2006)
•                             “Un Signe, Un Geste”, a French-language short fiction film, screened at over 30 festivals worldwide; won eight prizes. Broadcast nationally on RTÉ in Sept. 2016
Sept. 2018 – Present
In collaboration with East Belfast Irish language activist Linda Ervine, this project researches how social media and factual animation can help Protestants and Unionists develop a sense of ownership of Irish
Feb. 2020 – Present
Exploring how civil rights are affected by climate change in the 16 to 24-year-old age bracket in Northern Ireland. The project, which is run with students, results in factual animations and explores which media platforms are most effective to disseminate these animations through
Oct. 2019 – Present
An annual collaboration between the Broadcast and Architecture departments at Queen’s University Belfast. “Public CoLab” explores how an ecological crisis in Belfast might affect the city and its residents. Each year’s iteration results in a live performance/exhibition and a publication
July 2020 – August 2021
Based on mutual visits to each other’s universities and departments, Dr. Franz Krüger (of the University of Witswatersrand, South Africa) and myself are doing a comparative study of how new media and online solutions are changing the practice and teaching of journalism
June 2020 – Present
This project explores effective ways in which to continue telling the refugee story now that it has fallen down the news agenda. With NGO NaTakallam, we connect Syrian refugees (living in exile in Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon) with groups of students at Queen’s University Belfast
CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Duncan, D., 2020, “Remote Supervision of Practice-Based Group Work Under Lockdown,” Digital Technology, Lockdown and the Post-Pandemic University Conference, Society for Research into Higher Education’s Digital University Network, London (UK); [online conference in Aug. 2020]
Duncan, D., 2020, “Sound Excavations: exploring audio's unique power to excavate and reconstruct erased, lost and hidden LGBT pasts,” OUTing the Past Conference. Belfast, Northern Ireland
Duncan, D., 2017, “Alternative History as an Apt Cinematic Narrative Form for the Expression of Irish Postcolonial Identity,” Irish Screen Studies Seminar (ISSS). Dublin, Ireland
PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS Duncan, D. 2020, “Social Media as a Teaching Tool in the Post-Pandemic University,” Building the Post-Pandemic University, [Chapter accepted June 2020; currently under peer review; book to be published in late 2020]
Duncan, D. 2020, “Remote Supervision of Group Practice Projects During a Lockdown: a pedagogical and experiential perspective,” Journalism & Mass Communication Educator [accepted May 2020]
Duncan, D. 2020, “Finding and Excavating Forgotten Pasts with Sound,” The Conversation [due to be published August 2020]
OTHER PUBLICATIONS        & EVENTS 2022.                      Duncan, Don, and David Ring, editors. Opulent Syntax. Neon Hemlock Press, 2022. 
[Anthology of work from Irish essayists and writers on the margins]

2020                      Duncan, D. & Flood, N., 2020, Public CoLab 2020:      Exploring the Impact of the Ecological Crisis in Belfast [monograph]
2012                        “Voluntary Exile” group exhibition. Ashkal Alwan Gallery, Beirut (Lebanon). Contributed a series of photojournalistic prints examining the daily lives of Syrian refugee men, newly arrived to Beirut
2012                        Beirut Irish Film Festival (Lebanon): Director/curator of this festival showcasing fifteen features and over twenty shorts
2005 – 2006        Æ Magazine (Paris, France): Founder and editor of this global quarterly arts magazine, distributed to specialist stores in twenty countries
    2020                        Masterclass Lecture: “Strategies for better online teaching of practice modules.” Delivered at the invitation of the Faculty of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast
2020                        Masterclass Lecture: “Using social media and online strategies for better online teaching.” Delivered at the invitation of the School of Arts, English and Languages, Queen’s University Belfast
2019                      Workshop: Guest lectured a production workshop for the Widening Participation Unit of Queen’s University Belfast
2018/19                Lecture: “Getting Started in the Media”
                                 Discussion Moderation: live, public discussion with             documentary director Sinéad O’Shea
Lecture and moderation occurred at Still Voices Film Festival (Ireland)  


2022    PhD Media and Communications                   University of East Anglia         
(Completed and passed)
2021    Certificate in External Examining                   AdvanceHE (UK)
            (Grade: 84%)
2019    PGCHET                                                      Queen’s University Belfast
            (Grade: 69%)
2015    MA Film and Documentary Production            INSAS, Brussels
            (Grade: 1ST)
2008    MA Politics and Media                                   Columbia University, New York
            (Grade: Pass; pass/fail system) 
2007    MSc Journalism                                           Columbia University, New York
print, broadcast, multimedia
(Grade: Pass; pass/fail system)
2002    BA English Studies                                      Trinity College Dublin 
            (1999/2000 year spent at L’Université Sorbonne Paris Cité, Erasmus   programme)
            (Grade: II.1)
2000    TEFL Certificate                                           Rutgers University, New Jersey
The Podcast Studios/Headstuff, Dublin (Ireland) – June & July 2020
Podcasting course lasting two months covering: ideation, production, post-production, distribution and marketing

National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), London (UK) – OCT. 2019
Specialised, applied course on media law, ethics and regulation

TG4/Gréasán na Meán, Galway (Ireland) – APRIL 2018
Intensive training course on Mobile Journalism (‘MoJo’) production; led by Glen Mulcahy and Seán Mac an tSíthigh

BBC/TOR International, London (UK) – JAN. 2016
Hostile Environments and First Aid Training (HEFAT)
Middlebury College, Vermont (USA) – SUMMER 2012
Intensive summer residential course in classical Arabic. Grade: A
PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK)
Member of the NUJ
Member, Association for Journalism Education
Member, MeCCSA (Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association)
Member, Frontline Freelance Register
Member of CDAC network (Communicating with Disaster-Affected Communities) 

  Gradaim Aitheantais Gaeilge do Bhaill Foirne | Special Irish Recognition Awards for Staff Members - 2024
Ollscoill na Gaillimhe | University of Galway

QUB Engaged Research Seed Fund – July 2020
Awarded GBP£2,500 as PI for the “Ulster Gaelic, It’s Yours Too!” project

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) – March 2020
Awarded GBP£10,000 as PI on a funding bid to the NIHRC for the “Civil Rights, Climate Wrongs” project

AEL Staff Research Fund – March 2020
Awarded GBP£480 for the purposes of specialised training  for research

QUB, NI Executive, Esmé MitchelL, Enkalon Foundations – Feb. 2020
As PI on the “Ulster Gaelic: It’s Yours too!” project, I’ve raised a combined total £14,000 in bids to funds from Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland Executive, Esmé Mitchell Trust and the Enkalon Foundation

QUB Green Fund – Jan. 2020
Awarded GBP£1,500 as PI for the “Listen. Amplify.” project

QUB Teaching Excellence – Dec. 2019
Nominated by students & shortlisted by School for this prestigious award

Academic Staff Conference Fund (ASCF) – Feb. 2019
Awarded GBP£400 to undertake practice as research (PaR) and present the outcome at the HearSay International Audio Festival and Symposium

Middlebury College Kathryn Davis Peace Fellowship– July 2012
Full Scholarship to study Arabic at Middlebury College’s immersive residential language programme on its campus in Vermont (USA)

Columbia University’s Bollinger Presidential Fellowship – 2007/08
Fellowship covering full tuition and maintenance while attending Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism

Columbia University’s Arthur Harris Award for best MA thesis – 2007/08
In recognition of my thesis on the politics of reconstructing a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

Einhorn Family Trust research fund – 2007
Awarded funding to travel to Lebanon to do thesis field research

Columbia University’s Henry N. Taylor Scholarship – 2006/07
Scholarship to cover tuition at Columbia University’s Journalism School

Various filmmaking awards for the short film “Un Signe, Un Geste” – 2014 to 2018
Best Script (Mumbai Shorts Film Festival, India); Outstanding Excellence in Direction (Depth of Field International Film Festival, USA); Best Student Film (Asolo Art Film Festival, Italy)

Rory Peck Trust bursary – 2010
Recipient of funding to travel and attend a HEFAT training in England

National Press Foundation Fellowship (US) – 2010
Funding to travel to and report on the AIDS Vaccine Summit in Atlanta

National Press Foundation Fellowship (US) – 2010
Funding to travel to and report on the World AIDS Summit in Vienna

The Investigative Fund, The Nation Institute (New York, US) – 2009 Funding to travel to and investigate Maoist insurgency movements in Bhutan and Nepal

News21 multimedia fellowship, Carnegie & Knight Foundations (US) – 2008
A fellow on this digital-first, multimedia storytelling project that centred around immigration prior to the 2008 presidential elections in the US

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (travel grant) – 2008
Funding to travel to and report on disability in Afghanistan

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (travel grant) – 2007
Funding to travel to and report on Palestinian issues in Lebanon